About Sargam Griffin, Contemporary Sliding ArtDoor Artist

Innovative, dynamic, stunning work that delivers a compelling personal experience. ArtDoors

In the studio with Sargam Griffin
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About Sargam Griffin, Contemporary Sliding ArtDoor Artist Born and raised in Germany, Sargam travelled all over the world. In 1982 Sargam moved to San Francisco where she studied at the Day Studio. This led to twenty-five years of designing and painting for large commercial and private estates in California and Hawaii. A visit to Rome in 2006 shifted everything. Sargam began creating large abstract paintings on canvases and museum style panels that possess a quality of dynamic illumination.Her work has garnered national attention and has been added to private collections in Dubai, Europe and Africa.

She is the artist and founder of the innovative ArtDoors. Her new series includes the use of graffiti and musical composition for each painting.

Current representations and exhibits include galleries in New York, San Francisco Bay Area and Berlin.

I feel that as a whole-people,the environment, society and the world – we are at a crossroad. My work is a response to the way I view our world and the current conditions we are in. My paintings are an action to bring about Light.

Sargam paints from her studio set amongst the vineyards in Healdsburg, CA.